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  • This Summit centres the voices of the most marginalized in the 2SLGBTIQ+ movement. Black transgender, Indigenous transgender, Two Spirit, Francophone queers, sex workers, disabled trans people, newcomers and refugees, and non-binary people. We commit collectively, respectfully, and courageously to work vigorously for our diverse community, and to seek justice for all the transgender and non-binary people, and by extension, all LGBTQI+ people. Our existence is a revolution.
  • Assume that everyone here belongs here, no matter their appearance, pronouns, and so on. There are no “norms” that determine who is and is not trans or non-binary, and we are committed to opposing all attempts to establish and enforce any such norms.
  • Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes statements and gestures that are racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, ageist, classist, and/or body shaming. This list is not exhaustive.
  • To strive toward creating a “safe enough” space, the organizers reserve the right and hold the responsibility to remove people from the online event space should they engage in harmful and/or discriminatory conduct.
  • We recognize that we all make mistakes, that we choose ‘calling in’ over ‘calling out,’ that we must have compassion toward each other, and commit to learning from each other, and learning about ourselves, as we move together as a community committed to the full liberation of all people
  • Transition or gender affirmation is not linear . We acknowledge we are in our own gender affirmation process. We encourage folks to do the same
  • Pronouns We acknowledge and respect the fluid relationship to identity and language. We commit to using the correct pronouns when addressing each other, even as/if those pronouns change. DO NOT ASSUME. PLEASE ASK.
  • We commit to using gender neutral language and non-ableist language.. For example, instead of “ladies and gentlemen,” use “everyone.” Instead of “guys,” use folx/folks. Avoid using “crazy,” “insane,” “lame,” and other stigmatizing terms. Instead, use words and phrases like “unusual,” “wild,” and “poorly thought out.”
  • White allies/accomplices/comrades: it is your responsibility to be mindful of how your presence and privilege affects others. While you have the right to feel safe, white folx are not always mindful or aware of ever-present power dynamics that shape everyday interactions. Your responsibility is to a) be mindful of the subtle and overt ways privilege operates to centre your voice and experience, and to consequently silence or marginalize that of others, and b) to bring a conscious awareness to your interactions and conduct with the express intention of occupying and holding space in a manner that benefits all, equally.. Be mindful of the fact that racialized people are persistently asked or required to do more labour than white folx, including the emotional and intellectual work of anti-racism education and advocacy. White allies/accomplices/comrades are called upon to work to alleviate this inequality (emotionally, financially, physically, socially, etc.) and to assume responsibility for cultivating an anti-oppression approach to their engagements with others.

Created by Adebayo Chris Katiiti (Raricanow) & Kelendria Nation

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